about hannah

freedom is a

state of mind

It means being free to choose how you live your life.

My name is Hannah Kukies – I coach people.

I will support you in creating a self-determined and fulfilling life according to your ideas, with less worries and the discovery of unseen perspectives. I coach individuals and couples, families and groups. My methodological approach is systemic and integral. Depending on your requirements, I use methods from systems theory, coaching, or I accompany you as a mentor. In addition to psychological counseling, I teach yoga and meditation, for I firmly believe that everything is interconnected. The balance of body, mind and soul is the key to happiness and a fulfilling life.

My life path has not been straightforward, but incredibly rich and diverse. Crossroads, obstacles and journeys in different countries have provided me with special experiences and tools to help you reach your goals.

Born and raised in Cologne, Germany, I have experienced many work environments from an early age besides regular school life. After graduating from high school, I gained valuable experience in journalism. In France and Germany I studied business administration with a double degree. During my studies in France I specialized in human resources: an integral part of these courses were the conditions and prerequisites needed for more satisfaction in working life. After graduating the top of my year, I moved to Switzerland, where I’ve worked in management positions in international companies since 2009. While working, I further trained in systemic counseling and coaching for several years, recently completing my certificate in systemic couple counseling. In addition, I regularly expand on my training as a yoga teacher.

To meet people at eye level and to perceive interpersonal relationships has always been of high importance to me, be it during part-time jobs, during my humanitarian project in Mali or during my career as a manager within large organizations. I have now been living in Verbier, Switzerland, close to nature for 11 years and I invite my clients up into the mountains to work with me in this special place to experience nature and the opportunity of integral change.

My work helps bringing body, mind and soul into harmony. Living in balance is incredibly important to me personally. My life and who I am today have been shaped by travelling to distant countries, having experienced high levels of pressure in my professional life, interacting with a variety of people in multiple languages and finding balance in stressful situations. Today, my clients, benefit from my wide experience, cross-sector knowledge and intercultural experiences in consulting.

I work with people. For people. For you.

My philosophy is based on a humanistic conception of man and includes the idea that every human being
has the abilities and talents to evolve and strive for happiness and self-realization.

My coaching is available in German, English, French and Spanish.