I believe that you already have the answers to your problems within you.

my aim 

is to strengthen you as an individual.

I believe that difficult times are also an invitation to change and an opportunity to for personal development. There comes a time in life where all of us struggle, be it in our personal life or business life, and sometimes these struggles can be difficult to overcome by oneself. The systemic approach serves the understanding of complex processes and offers multiple possibilities to make way of ones problems and find solutions. From the systemic point of view, your experiences and behaviours should not be viewed in isolation, but in the dynamics of mutual relationships with our environment, knowing that we you always part of a bigger system. I offer counseling for you. Whether you are looking for fulfillment and a deeper meaning, you need more freedom, or you have reached a limit somewhere in your life. Depending on your needs I will support you with systemic counseling, coaching or mentoring.

systemic counseling for individuals

Thinking systemic means considering ones relationship with the environment, even when you are coming alone to counselling sessions. Change is experienced personally on the one hand, but should also be achieved in living together with others. Systemic counseling initiates direct interaction as soon as during our sessions and makes transformations tangible. Your desired change is noticeable from the beginning and effectively suitable for everyday use and for your successful future.

systemic counseling for couples and families

The art of love and family life is to constantly create a balance between attachment and autonomy. This is exciting and suspenseful at the same time – and sometimes fails.


“To decide for a relationship

means to initiate a development,

that we alone would never have chosen.”


As a couple or family, you are in a sensitive environment. How is it possible to be in a relationship with others and nevertheless fully live out all your autonomous impulses and feel free?

Relationship challenges can arise due to changes in everyday life, working life, family pressures, birth (or moving out) of children, changes in intimacy and sexuality, unfulfilled desires and many other factors. Together we will look at your challenges from an integrative perspective, including the whole range of possibilities and the diversity of your characters. I accompany couples to learn to love and to be loved (again) and help them see perspectives, even when trust has been broken.


Do you want to grow and cultivate meaning in life? You want to reach your goals or just need better balance?

For me, coaching people does not just mean empowering and strengthening my clients. Rather it means helping you find out how to listen to your intuition and trust yourself to live a more fulfilling and integral life. I will support you in your personal development to reach more fulfillment and achieve success in your personal and professional life.


“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It’s helping them to learn, rather than teaching them” John Withmore.


As a mentor I support you to expand your understanding of your own inner processes so that you can develop yourself better, more efficiently and positively.

Are you hindering yourself from moving forward? Are there still limiting beliefs?  I will help you shift your perspective to take another point of view to open your heart to new possibilities in the areas of love, personality development, goal achievement and business.

My working method is consciousness-oriented and combines aspects of systemic, transpersonal, body-oriented and individual psychology. The theoretical foundations of my work are models of integral psychology, system-theoretical concepts and insights of humanistic psychology.

Counseling, coaching and mentoring sessions are available in German, English, French and Spanish.