yoga is now

Atha Yoganusasanam means that Yoga begins here and now. The essence of yoga is to bring awareness to the body and stillness to the mind and to connect both with the present moment. It is the bringing together of the happy and the sad to move into the flowing effortless joy of a stable and clear mind.

anyone can breathe

so anyone can do yoga

Yoga describes the connection between breathing and movement and is a combination of breathing exercises (pranayama), postures (asana) and meditation.

Yoga helps balancing all parts in life, not just on the mat. By taking back the control of our bodies, and raising our consciousness, we learn how to better respond to the experiences of life. Yoga helps deal with challenges, crisis and difficult situations and brings lightness to life. For 15 years I have been practicing yoga and I love sharing my knowledge as a yoga teacher.

Yoga practice maximizes ones potential and helps shape the mind, the body and life of its practitioners in a more positive way.
Find ease in your body by creating stability and overall better mobility.

private sessions

Private sessions allow focusing on no one else, but you. If you are new to yoga you will benefit from the one on one session and understand the fundamentals of the philosophy and yoga poses in a safe space – according to your rhythm and wherever you stand right now in life, physically and mentally. Experienced yoga practitioners will gain more understanding and appreciation of body alignment when we break down the poses and movements in detail. If you are recovering from injury, it may be beneficial to re-learn how to safely adapt your practice. My offer is also for yoga teachers who want to learn more about body alignment, create a safer and more expressive practice, or try new meditation techniques.

group classes

Group classes allow taking pause from regular life.

My yoga classes offer a balanced practice for your body, mind and soul. Get inspired and let me guide you through your flow. The pace in group classes varies between dynamic and empowering, as well as slow and meditative, but always allowing enough space for you, so that your individual experience of yoga can unfold.


Workshops are intensive sessions, dedicated to special themes, always with the full experience of balancing body, mind and soul. My workshops are like mini retreats that give inspiration and allow you to learn new things, nourish your mind and often touch your heart.

The workshop make yourself a priority gives inspiration when you need a break from hectic daily routines. The heart meditation workshop enables the opening of the heart and encourages you to experience more self-love. The precision and alignment workshop is specifically targeted at yoga practitioners who wish to deepen and expand their existing knowledge of anatomy and body alignment.

Yoga sessions are available in German, English, French and Spanish.

Need a break?