A strong core

A strong core

Having a strong core allows us to be centered, stand tall, sit straight and walk our way with purpose.

Often, when we think of core strength, and our center, we think exclusively of the abs. But core strengthening is about much more than attaining a toned six-pack. To me, having a strong core, means having a strong and positive aura. Being healthy comes from our inner world and our center. To stay healthy, we must also pay attention to the back of the core, as well as the oblique abdominals, the muscles on the sides of the lower torso.

Did you know that yoga not only improves muscular flexibility, it can also improve our internal systems? Certain yogaposes massage our internal organs and intestines and help improve digestion, as well as circulation and coordination.

As we practice, it’s important to maintain deep, conscious breathing while we move mindfully and gradually. We flow with grace and inner peace. Instead of forcing flexibility, we can invite our muscles to stretch and contract in a gentle and caring way. We never want to push ourselves into pain or try to go too far into a pose before the body is ready.

Yoga is not about flexibility, it is about what we learn on the way down.